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Graduate Talent for International Business launch

10 July 2014

The University of Huddersfield is hosting the launch event of a new Graduate Talent for International Business scheme, where firms looking to expand overseas will gather to discover how graduate talent can aid international business.

The graduate scheme, which was conceived by the University of Huddersfield and is being backed by UK Trade and Investment (UKTI), is designed to show businesses how employing graduates with specialist skills, such as a second language, can help them overcome language barriers, develop business contacts and provide unique insights into cultural differences.

Vice-Chancellor of the University of Huddersfield, Professor Bob Cryan, said: “These graduates can help businesses that are looking to expand into overseas markets and gain a greater understanding about how business is done around the world.

“The language skills and cultural awareness that they bring to a company can be invaluable when embarking on a new business venture, and this specialist scheme offers a flexible, cost effective way to bring skills and talent to the heart of business.” 

Find out more about the Graduate Talent for International Business event.