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International Year One

International Year One student

Your pathway to year two of an undergraduate degree 

The International Year One programme is designed for students who are overqualified for a foundation year but underqualified for direct entry to the first year of an undergraduate degree. 

The one-year course of study is equivalent to the first year of an undergraduate degree programme. It will provide you with the relevant academic knowledge, study skills and English language proficiency to succeed as a second-year degree student.

Students can choose between four routes:

Study structure

All routes are modular in structure, with core modules common to each route, and subject-specific modules, each carefully designed to focus on the academic area most useful to your chosen degree.

Once you complete the programme and achieve the required grades, you can enter the second year of your chosen undergraduate degree at the University. Students are assessed regularly throughout the course to ensure that they are on track to achieve the results/grades required for progression to their chosen degree.

Is the International Year One right for you?

This course is ideal for you if you are overqualified for a foundation year but under-qualified for direct entry to degree courses. This may be the case if you:

  • Are a student already in the first year of a relevant undergraduate degree in your home country
  • Have completed the first year of an HND or advanced Diploma in your home country
  • Have completed local high school with outstanding grades
  • Have completed an A Level, IB or International Foundation Year
  • Are a mature student with relevant experience

What our students say

Ilyas Zakaryanov

I applied to the International Study Centre because I wanted to get the basics right and improve my English. I feel that the teachers take care of the students and lessons are always interesting.

Ilyas, Kazakhstan