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Life in the UK

Students walking outside University of Huddersfield

Enjoy a high standard of living

Students in the UK enjoy a high standard of living and a quality lifestyle. With access to a diverse community, extensive public transportation and a friendly atmosphere, you will quickly adapt to your life in Britain.

What is life like in the UK?

The UK is a modern country with a long, rich history. By visiting the many museums and even walking the streets of your city, you can look into the past in cobbled streets and compelling architecture.

Diverse culture in a historic setting

The UK is very multicultural, and urban areas like Huddersfield have a large international population. This creates a vibrant atmosphere. The UK is also famous for its historic buildings and landmarks.

Huddersfield has Victorian architecture and more than 3,000 historic and protected buildings. Students here enjoy a great lifestyle, with a balance of studying and social life. Huddersfield ranks in the UK’s top five for student experience (International Student Barometer, 2015).

Living in Yorkshire

Yorkshire has a charming regional culture and beautiful countryside. The local people speak with a distinct local accent, and people in northern England are often seen as some of the friendliest in the UK.

Life in Huddersfield

Huddersfield is a market town located in northern England, in the county of Yorkshire. It is well connected to the rest of the UK by buses and trains, making for easy exploration of the rest of the country, and even Europe.

You will enjoy a vibrant student life while living in Huddersfield, where restaurants and entertainment are within easy walking distance of your accommodation and the University campus.

Experience the seasons

The UK is known for its rainfall, but while living here you will experience all types of weather and four distinct seasons. Living in Huddersfield you are close to natural countryside where you can explore all each season has to offer including warm and sunny summer days, the colourful and vibrant changing of the leaves and even snowfall in winter.

Discover the UK and abroad

It's easy to explore the UK and abroad while living in Huddersfield. The UK's comprehensive railway system is the oldest in the world, and international airports give you global connectivity.

Explore the UK

The UK has an extensive national rail network, making it easy to travel within the UK. From Huddersfield railway station in the town centre, a quick journey under thirty minutes will take you to the nearby cities of Manchester or Leeds for a fun day out. You could also travel to Liverpool in one hour by train, and catch a ferry to Dublin, the Isle of Man or Belfast.

Explore abroad

You can travel between mainland Europe and the UK by Eurostar a high-speed rail service. Trains depart from London St Pancras International and provide quick transfer to Belgium, France, the Netherlands and more.

Travel by plane from one of the UK's many international airports. The closest airport to Huddersfield is Manchester Airport (MAN), which you can also reach by train in one hour. Popular destinations from Manchester Airport include Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Barbados and many more.