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Discover careers in maths and science with the International Study Centre

An international student in the engineering facilities at the University of Huddersfield

Students looking to embark on a career in engineering, maths or science without having studied it previously are now able to join the International Foundation Year in Computing, Engineering and Science at the International Study Centre.

The three-term programme prepares students for undergraduate study for STEM degrees at the University of Huddersfield. Degrees in these areas are highly regarded and offer a variety of employment opportunities. At Huddersfield, students are able to use the International Foundation Year to convert from other disciplines to a degree in computing, engineering or science.

As well as the usual programme modules such as English, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and computing, students will also benefit from enhanced maths and science support. During the induction process for the course, students will complete a diagnostic assessment. Students who are identified as having a weakness in maths, physics or English will complete an additional module during the first term to bring them up to speed and allowing them to progress to a degree of their choice.

This unique feature creates a level of flexibility that many other foundation programmes cannot offer. For students looking to enter highly employable career sectors such as engineering, you can join the Computing, Engineering and Science pathway without a prior background in the subject.

To find out more about progressing to a range of degrees across mathematics and science at the University of Huddersfield, visit our programme page for more information.

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