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Head of Centre at University of Huddersfield International Study Centre

Do you ever wonder what life at a university is like for other people? Ever wondered what other students or even the teachers experience?

Linda, Head of Centre at the University of Huddersfield International Study Centre, did wonder and decided to try being a student for one day to learn more about the international student experience. Linda swapped roles with Linh, an international student from Vietnam who is completing the International Foundation Year in Business, Management & Law.

Linh shows Linda some of her coursework.

Student experience at Huddersfield

“It felt great to be an International Study Centre student,” Linda tells us. "You feel like you belong here from the start. Students thrive in an inclusive learning environment where everyone is welcome."

Linda says she wants to create even more opportunities for students to experience different cultures: “I would like to ensure a mix of ethnicities and nationalities in all our groups to encourage equality and embrace diversity.”

Modern facilities on campus

It’s easy to find everything you need at Huddersfield, and Linda tells us she was impressed with Linh’s knowledge of the facilities available. “I was very impressed by how well Linh knew the library, and how much she uses this facility, coming to study in it most mornings before her classes begin. Linh demonstrated how organised she is and how motivated she is as a student.”

Linda and Linh spent their lunchtime together, visiting the International Kitchen for some popular international cuisine. Choices for students range from Italian pizza and pasta, to East Asian burritos and Mexican. During the annual International Week, students can try delicious cuisine from over 30 countries at the Food and Culture Festival.

Head of Centre, Linda, looks over books in the library with an international student.

Other facilities available for you include:

  • Wellbeing and career support
  • Banking on campus
  • Help with student finance
  • Health Centre
  • Library open 24/7 during term time
  • Sports hall with two squash courts, dance studios and a physiotherapy treatment room.

Enthusiastic teachers

In Linda’s words, teachers at Huddersfield are "friendly, approachable and patient. They support students and help them realise their potential, while teaching in a friendly and a fun way. Students here are keen to learn."

The highlight of the day was attending the Academic English Skills class with Linh. “As a teacher, John is inspirational,” Linda says. She praised him for his dedication to make students comfortable working both independently and in groups. “It is good to know how inclusive and safe our learning environment is for our students. Everyone is expected to contribute and they all had the confidence to do this. The teachers are really supportive and focused on helping all students achieve their potential.”

Make the most of your education

Linda has a few tips on how to enjoy student life to the fullest, saying, “My main tips to students would be to dive into student life here and make the most of the facilities and support we offer. Make friends for life and enjoy your time here. Never give up - we are here to help!”

Some ways you can get involved include:

Student swapInternational Study Centre Head of Centre eats lunch with an international student.

Linh will swap roles with Linda and experience life as the Head of Centre later this year, before returning to Vietnam. “On the day, Linh will have the opportunity to join me and work on admissions and recruitment activity, contribute to student experience and attend meetings with centre management. We both are really looking forward to this experience.”

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