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Celebrate diversity with Huddersfield’s International Week

ISC students during getting ready for Huddersfield International Week

International Week at the University of Huddersfield is an annual celebration on campus for all students. Both domestic and international students look forward to the event every year. For the past eight years, the University has been organising fun activities for students to make friends and experience different cultures.

Students celebrating International Week at Huddserfield

Alan Tobi, International Student Experience Manager at the University, said: "We very much value all our students at the University and feel activities and events like this develop a global mind-set and improve important key skills among them.”

International Week is a week of fun and cultural exploration. The Food and Culture Festival at Huddersfield is one of the biggest highlights. This year, teams of students cooked delicious cuisines from more than 30 countries. Tasting came with entertainment, with 20 groups of international students singing and dancing for the 600 people attending.

Ariba, an International Study Centre student, said: "Events like international food festivals are the best way to celebrate and cherish diversity and pluralism. It provides a platform where we can keep aside our differences and enjoy and celebrate together. The atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming. Everyone is willing to share their food and culture with you".

Students performing during Huddersfield International Week

International Week 2018 also celebrated other aspects of international life. Beginning with the World of Sport Tournament, there was also the International Fashion Show, and a Linguistics Matter event, highlighting multilingualism at Huddersfield.

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